MARCH 4-8, 2020
BOOTH 2.16
Address: Metropolitan West 639 W 46th St. New York, NY 10036

Guest of Honor & Press Preview
Wednesday, March 4 | 2PM - 4PM

VIP Preview
Wednesday, March 4 | 4PM - 6PM

Public Vernissage
Wednesday, March 4 | 6PM - 9PM

Thursday, March 5 | 12PM - 8PM
Friday, March 6 | 12PM - 8PM
Saturday, March 7 | 12PM - 8PM
Sunday, March 8 | 12PM - 5PM


Two artists show at Volta New York 2020

The similarities in Krygier and Patelczyk's artwork feel like a reunion of two friends who knew each other very well. Their conversation goes smoothly regardless of when they last met. Who has not experienced this? Surprisingly, our two friends – Stefan Krygier and Łukasz Patelczyk – never even met or knew one another, yet the connection between them seems to be clear, and more importantly for us, visible.

Stefan Krygier (1923-1997) is one of the so-called classic artists of Polish contemporary art and a student of Władysław Strzemiński, world famous avant-garde leader. Łukasz Patelczyk (b. 1986) belongs to the forefront of the young Polish art scene, has won many prestigious awards and is very well liked among both private collectors and state museums.

Both artists share their strong attachment to the tradition of European painting: Krygier refers to the Renaissance highlights (e.g. the image of Mona Lisa), while in Patelczyk’s works we can recognize the unique aura from a master of Romanticism – C. D. Friedrich. These two artists from different generations create their paintings in comparable manner – imposing realistic and abstract elements in the image simultaneously. It s almost as if every painting has some type of filter on it, which brings to mind the popular or even obligatory practice of improving and embellishing our photos in social media, especially on Instagram. Krygier’s and Patelczyk’s paintings can be a good starting point for discussing what the word „realistic” means to us today - in 2020.

Stefania Olbrycht